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I'm Stephanie Fuller a local artist and designer. I've made a special Deal Delivers discount for you. Some of you may know my colourful yoga clothes from yoga class or watching me on the beach doing videos for my Instagram @aqayoga.

I've put together this one minute video to show you some of my patterned clothes but also to let you know that there is a local designer making plain clothed fitness gear. We all need a black pair of leggings for a multitude of reasons.



My new Lime leggings and sports bra haven't been released to the public yet but you can get them at my online store with your local Deal and Surrounds residents discount code DEALDELIVERS20. For a Saving of 20% at the checkout.

Or order that new pair of Black Leggings. Everything is custom made when you order. My UK clothes are manufactured in Latvia. They are high performance and loved by yogis around the world. I would like to thank my Brand Ambassadors in this video for their great pics wearing my clothes.

Not in order, thank you to;